i-nori - (creative design)


Project summary:
In the project, we build an educational system contains one android application and a toy prototype. The target of this system was kids that learns Korean characters in first time. Inspired by MIDI drum pad, we developed 8 by 8 switches and LEDs array. When parents turned on as form of each Korean characters in these 8 by 8 LEDs, kids could put each stone on each trace of the character and then these stones will activate switches to check whether kids put the stones on correct location.


In the project, I developed both android application and the prototype. In the prototype, there were 64 LEDs and micro switches controlled by arduino. The android and arduino were connected by bluetooth communication, and there were several modes like 1) learning characters (Korean and English alphabets), 2) free drawing (from a phone) and 3) playing sound (as MIDI drum pad, but with more kids friendly sounds like animal/car sounds).


This project awarded 'Grand Prize' by Soongsil university for '2nd Industrial Convergence Ideas Competition'!